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Basement Renovation

Basement Renovation

Structural changes are necessary to keep your house up to date and safe, and this is the reason for the ever increasing trend of restoration. The basement renovation is a major component to experience a stylish and comfortable lifestyle. Basement is mostly neglected or considered as a storage for unnecessary things. However, Basement renovations are becoming very popular these days. You can choose to renovate the whole basement, or a portion by installing a basement bathroom or kitchen, etc.

Ideas for Basement Renovation

There are various ideas for basement renovation and remodeling. You can use the basement for the personal gym, a room for teenagers, as home theater and many others. Some of the compelling ideas for basement renovation are described as follows

  • Make a Rec Room

Basements are perfect for casual collective activities for the entire family. It is very ideal for large screen TV, a spot for board games and pool table, etc. Renovate your basement in an attractive way by embellishing and finishing it with the trendy looks. Make the furnishing comfortable and flexible so it can also accommodate few people as well as groups of individuals. Equip your basement with an internet connection, safe and reasonable lighting and sound systems to make this area useful and practical.

  • Add a Bedroom and Bath

A bedroom and a bathroom make the basement an ideal suite for teens and guests. Make the basement bedroom in such a way that it boasts the contemporary style as well as classic enough to serve as a guest suite. Add a glass partition to separate it from the attached sitting place. Don’t forget to add a window or a door in the bedroom that can serve as an emergency exit that leads outside directly in such situation.

  • Include a Kitchen

 The addition of a small kitchen with a bedroom and a bath makes a basement an entire guest suite. A kitchen in a cellar necessitates access to water, electric passages for equipment such as microwave, oven, refrigerator, etc.


Build in Storage

The basement is often used as a storage space for almost everything from storing out of season clothes to garden tools, collectibles, and many others. Plan to make your basement a well-designed and attractive storage space. Consume every nook and hole. Consume the under stair space for file storage. You can also fit closets and divide the area to organize various stuff such as DVDs, Dinnerware, and party items, etc.

 Basement renovations can be proved very helpful to create and experience a real home theater. For narrow and elongated spaces, adjoining seating is ideal for home cinema. Sound control is much easier in the basement as compared to upstairs.

Design Safe and Attractive Staircase

Basement has the stairs so during basement renovation makes sure that the staircase should also look good. Consider to move them if you think they are not placed in a suitable location.

Renovate your basement with these ideas and enhance your living style in a stylish and comfortable way. Contact Miracle Dream Homes for your next renovation!


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