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General Contractor

Who is a General Contractor?

In our day-to-day work, we work with electricians, plumbers, HVAC specialists, kitchen installers, you name it. With years of experience behind our backs we have forged great relationships with our General Contractors.

A general contractor is responsible for the day-to-day oversight of the construction site, oversees material suppliers and subcontractors. It is the responsibility of a general contractor to make sure your project is completed on time, on budget and with quality parameters you expected.

Here are several misconceptions that people have about hiring a general contractor.

Hiring a general contractor is expensive

While this may seem quite logical, it’s not quite true. Having a general contractor may actually save you a lot of money. Did you know that estimates from three different licensed electricians may differ by 100-300%? And how would you know that the estimate you receive is correct?

Also, did you know that all major material suppliers such as Home Depot or Lowes have special discount prices for general contractors? So, by hiring a general contractor to take care of your materials you can get better prices. The same goes for all other tradesmen we subcontract our work to.

I can control the project myself without hiring a subcontractor

While you may be an expert project manager think of the time and effort you will have to invest trying to coordinate different subcontractors. How will you know when to call in the next one after the previous is done? How can you control quality of their work? Shouldn’t a professional general contractor do all that?


A Home Addition or Home Renovation is the biggest home remodeling purchase you will ever make.

But did you know that Home Addition is Less Expensive than Purchasing a New Home? While this seems obvious a lot of time we forget or simply don’t know that it is much cheaper to build an addition to your existing home than buy a new house that is the same in square footage to your current home with addition.

Remember, all of the real estate commissions you need to pay when selling your house, all of the commissions and fees you will pay when buying a new home, plus Ontario Land Transfer Tax, plus lawyer’s fees, plus moving, plus cleaning and in many cases once you move into a new home, you’re spending money making it, well your own, right?

Well, for the money you’re going to spend you can easily afford to build an addition to your existing home and to renovate your home to your likings. After all work is set and done, you’ve increased the value of the home that you live in, added that extra space and you have your home the way you wanted it.

No need for sacrifices

Some of the addition and renovation options to consider:

  • Home additions
  • Second story additions
  • Garage Additions

Interior Wall relocations – Create an open space concepts

And of course in all of the Above you can do an upgrade to your Finishes:

  • Flooring upgrades:
  • Hardwood floors
  • Laminate Floors

Tile and other flooring options

Millwork upgrades:

  • Crown Moldings
  • Basebords
  • Chair rails
  • Wall panels
  • Wainscoting
  • Build-in sitting areas
  • Fireplace surounds
  • Fireplace mantels

Build-in entertainment centers

Custom cabinetry.
Build-in office furniture


Architectural trim-works: turn average into extraordinary

Architectural Trim-works such as Crown Moldings, Wall panels, Wainscoting, Chair Rail, and Picture Rail is what can make one of the most dramatic differences in final appearance of your home or renovation project.

Whether finishing a basement or renovating a room, it is a given part of the project to install a baseboard to conceal the transition between the wall and finished floor. Just in the same way all of your windows require a window casing to be installed for a finished look. This is standard trim and it’s required in any renovation project. But why stop there when with just two more steps forward you can really make your ordinary remodel project stand out and be a pride to live in or a money-maker, if you are an investor. Adding that extra height to your baseboard and that extra width to your casing is all it takes to go from standard to custom.

Designing your project with architectural trim-work in mind will take you beyond ordinary and into a category of your own. In a lot of cases, adding a certain elements of the trim is the most economic way to create that “wow” feeling about the space you are remodeling.

Custom built-in furniture such as build-in shelves, window seats, media centers, wet bars, closets, stands and fireplace surrounds can create a beautiful focal point or make a huge difference in the use of space, comfort and value of the house or condo.

At Miracle Dream Homes, we understand the importance and value that architectural trim-work brings to our clients. It is why we design and help you see your project with finest details in mind from the start giving due attention to the project goal, budget and practicality as well as its style and elegance. After all, we are not just general contractors, but passionate carpenters and wood-workers at heart.

  • Enlarged baseboard, window and door casings
  • Crown moldings
  • Wainscoting
  • Wall panels
  • Picture rail
  • Ornamental decorative pieces
  • Custom built-ins

Use custom carpentry and millwork to enhance the value of your home

MDH custom carpentry solutions is elegant and very effective way to turn average house into a masterpiece. If you just bought a home and need to make it your own house. If you’ve lived in your home for a while and need a change. If it’s time to move up or down from your existing house and you want to get the best dollars for your house.


Build your custom home with 21-century technology

Miracle Dream Homes builds Custom Homes in Ottawa and Eastern Ontario Region using Insulated Concrete Home technology. We are certified insulated concrete form builder/installer serving Ottawa Region and Eastern Ontario Region.

Insulated Concrete Forms or shortly ICF is the wave of the future.

Building your custom home with Insulated Concrete Forms has many benefits, the unparalleled comfort of the your home, energy efficiency and subsequent saving on maintenance, safety ratings at comparable cost of construction.

The technology we use enables us to create structures that not only better in structural aspects but also in design and architectural elements.

Here is some of the examples what what can be done:

  • Custom country house
  • French Chateau House
  • ICF house in progress
  • ICF house sample