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Tile Installation

Tile Installation

Simplifying your Tile Installation

Tile Installation OttawaMake your bathroom renovation timeless with a decorative tile installation by Miracle Dream Homes.

Tile is one of the oldest men made products used for decoration, finishing and design work. It doesn’t get older than that, some 2000 years BCE somewhere in the area of Indus Valley in Mesopotamia our far ancestors where doing the same thing we do now, making and installing tiles. It was a different time and different tiles, but idea was the same, a clay based tile, kiln fired and then installed as finished surface.

4000 years later after men walked on moon and ideas of entertainment changed from fighting tigers to watching Youtube, we are still hard at it, installing tiles.


The use of tile also evolved from basic decorative material to more functional purpose driven products. We use tile for our flooring as a finish products, we use tiles to tile walls and showers, decorative borders, mosaics and large scale tiles, the variety is endless.  But after all it’s still the same clay formed to shape and put into fire, same way as thousands of years ago.


So these days when it comes to tile, there are few choice you have to make.

Tiles will differ by location for which it is design to be installed, by type of tile and it’s better suitability for certain purposes and obviously by it’s design features, colors, forms, shapes.


There are wall only tiles, those are the tiles that can only be installed on the walls and are not designed for flooring installation due to their strength and finish.

There are flooring tiles that can technically be installed both floor and walls, but are better suited as flooring tiles.

There are mosaic tiles and decorative tiles that can go on either floor or walls but their main purpose is decorative looks, a good example of that would be a backsplash tiles.


Installation of the tiles is both a skill and an art at the same time, this is one of those aspects of construction renovation trade that requires years of hands on experience and knowledge, due to it’s precision it takes time to learn to do it properly. Where many home renovation projects can be tackled by the home owners themselves, tiling would not be one of them, if quality work and quality results are required, professional tiling installers are highly recommended.


We have been working with tiles for many years and have dedicated tile setters with years of experience.

We offer:

Flooring tile installation

Wall tile installation

Tiled showers, both tiled shower floor and tiled shower walls

Kitchen tile backsplashes

We work with all types of interior tile installation

We use Schluter tile systems.